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Kurt has worked with flowers since his birth. His father and surrogate mother were both florists and gardeners and employed him from a young age. Their constant tutelage in the garden and design studio enabled him learn through experience over the course of 25 years. With this background Kurt began work at Winston flowers in Boston MA at the age of 28. There he was able to study under some of the great masters in floral design from all over the world. Projects included; large scale weddings and events with budgets over 100,000 dollars, container plantings and large installations at private homes, as well as waiting on customers and making Lots of French hand tied bouquets for customers. After leaving Winstons Kurt studied under the former royal gardener of Luxembourg, Oliver Triebel. He taught Kurt a myriad of horticulture techniques and an abundance of knowledge about plants flowers and business in general. Kurt then went on to work for many other florists and also do many private events with his own company. He loves flowers with an exuberant passion. His favourites Include lily of the valley, allium, and succulents of any variety.